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When I was a kid, my family and I were on vacation in the Poconos, and for an entire day, I was so sad I cried all day. Nothing could cheer me up. When we got home, we found out … Continue reading

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Sadness and fear

When I encounter sadness or fear, I’m usually very mean to them. I see them as the enemy and try to squash them. Today, I’m trying something different. I’m having coffee with them, telling them how much I appreciate their … Continue reading

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At heart, buried beneath my love of routine, is an adventurer. When I think about the times that I have felt most alive, I was heading into the unknown. Life has gotten in the way of exploration. Work. Stress. Money … Continue reading

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The face of God

I love living my life in a community.  I love that my community extends further than the four walls of the church, the four walls of my family’s house.  I love community. Why?  There is something about being connected to … Continue reading

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Lately, I have been in a Bible reading slump.  I hate to admit that, but there it is, on the internet, for anyone to see.  It’s not that I don’t love to dive into the Word of God and try … Continue reading

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Asian fusion

God has been building this foundation in my life…one that I have fought tooth and nail.  (I don’t even know what that means…but it sounds appropriate.)  Anyway.  My last job in corporate America was for an Asian language publisher in … Continue reading

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I’m all in

I’m finding my rhythm with my new routine.  I get up everyday at 5:37 AM.  I’m on the bus by 6:35AM.  I’m in the city by 7:21AM.  I’m at Cosi by…you get the idea.  If only I could get to … Continue reading

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Oh when the Saints, go marching in

Oh when the saints, oh when the saints, oh when the saints come marching in….oh i want to be in the numbers, when the saints come marching in! As far as I’m concerned, Deuce McAllister deserves a raise. He’s my … Continue reading

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Today I had a great meeting with one of my contacts with the Township of Voorhees. For the record, when she retires, I want her job! I marvel at God and how He has poured out so much favor on … Continue reading

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I am suffering from acute ADD today, this week. I don’t know whether it is the allergies/cold, or the weather, or just life in general. Something about this week is not allowing me to concentrate. OK, I’ll stop blameshifting the … Continue reading

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