The face of God

I love living my life in a community.  I love that my community extends further than the four walls of the church, the four walls of my family’s house.  I love community.

Why?  There is something about being connected to people that gets me all fired up.  The sweet older couple who walks through Rittenhouse Square, wearing their matching track suits.  The smelly man who yells at me daily that I have to give him money.  The people on the bus who all have assigned seats and are annoyed at my sudden, unexpected, non-RSVP’d presence.  The family that makes me want to sing and scream.  The fellow church peeps who notice my presence…and my absence.  The Starbucks barista who thinks it’s hilarious to try to get me to talk to him WAY before 7AM…in cohesive sentences.

I love people.  I love that every person–the good, the bad and the ugly–bears the fingerprint of God.  Every person with whom I come into contact gives me another piece of the puzzle that is God. 

So, as you are walking into Wawa for milk, Dunkin Donuts for coffee, down the street for any reason, smile as you look into the eyes of those with whom you come into contact.  Whether you know it or not, you are having an encounter with the holy, living, wonderful Lord.

Thank Him for His creation, for His sense of humor, for His passion. 

And take a lesson from the Almighty.

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