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slow news day

I’m sitting here trying to come up with something that is worth writing, let alone worth reading.  Five new sales reps started at work today.  Another class of sales reps, who will be off in a few short weeks to … Continue reading

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Sunday mind dump

Today we had a gentleman from “district” come to speak at our church.  He was amazing.  I loved what he had to say…really hit me between the eyes on a few different “things” that I am working through at the … Continue reading

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Need. Oxygen.

Today has been one riddled with an underlying tension.  I can’t explain it to you…but something is going on that involves me, directly affects my future, only I am not privy to the information.  Mark my words.  My life is … Continue reading

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Completely random thoughts strung together…

I wonder if next week at this time I will see fit to be awake and on the frigid beach praying. With an attitude like that, I’m going to make sure that I’m snuggled in my down coat, even if … Continue reading

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OK. I have a rhetorical question. Why is it that I have been asked the same questions in every interview I’ve ever had and I always trip over the same questions??????????? Heck. I used to interview people and ask these … Continue reading

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A Christmas funny

I really wish that the newcasters would think before they report the news. My sister and her kids are watching Frosty the Snowman and Larry Mendte from CBS News comes one. He says, “Coming up at 11. A Santa who … Continue reading

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Elementary school choir concert

Last night I took a walk down memory lane. My oldest nephew had his first holiday concert. He’s in the choir this year. It was really interesting to watch the kids. For some of the kids, it was their moment … Continue reading

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New England semi-wrap-up

Well, I have been back in NJ for a little over 24 hours. I am still attempting to make sense of all that occured in New England. Mom and I had a lovely time. I think that, for the most … Continue reading

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My dog just punched my sister in the face. Good t…

My dog just punched my sister in the face. Good times at the White house. Seriously. I’m coming clean. I did not write my essay today. Mom and I went shopping…for Christmas presents, for a winter coat for me (really … Continue reading

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Blog name

OK, I am aware that I’ve changed the title to my blog several times over the past few days. I am sticking with this name. It seems to fit. And now that I’m on blogroll (I think I may possibly … Continue reading

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