Elementary school choir concert

Last night I took a walk down memory lane. My oldest nephew had his first holiday concert. He’s in the choir this year.

It was really interesting to watch the kids. For some of the kids, it was their moment to shine, their one great moment that they will remember for the rest of their time on earth. For others, it was apparent that their parents forced them on stage…either to fulfill a parent’s dream of for the already looming college applications. For yet others, this was just an annoyance…they knew that this was merely one instant in their lives. They were doing it to do it, but they knew that there was much more to life.

I think that we’re doing a good job with Isaac. He joined choir because he wanted to. But, he’s already had so many shining moments that this is just one more added to his adolescence.

It was hilarious to see him attempting to sway back and forth in time. And to snap in time. I forgot what dumb things the choir teacher requires of kids to keep things “interesting.”

Isaac told me, “Neen-Neen, I saw you crying.” I told him, “Oh no, Isaac. I wasn’t crying boohoo. I was laughing so hard at you that I was crying.” But that wasn’t 100% true. I did cry emotional tears. Just like I do when I go to all of their events. I’m just so dang proud of those knucklehead kids. I love ’em so much it hurts.

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