A Christmas funny

I really wish that the newcasters would think before they report the news.

My sister and her kids are watching Frosty the Snowman and Larry Mendte from CBS News comes one. He says, “Coming up at 11. A Santa who needs practice.” There is a picture of Santa falling off of a roof.

My youngest nephew screamed. “OH NO! WHO’S GOING TO BRING US PRESENTS?!?!”

Let’s think about this, people. Kids are your primary viewers. It’s FROSTY THE SNOWMAN that we’re viewing. How do you explain that to a five-year old?

One thought on “A Christmas funny

  1. Deneen.
    You are absoultely right. We should have been more sensitive to the expcted audience when we taped the promos at 6:30. I honestly didn’t know that promo would air during Rudolph or Frosty, but that is not an excuse…from now on I will know. Thanks for the post, believe me, I will be passing it on to our promotion department.
    -Larry Mendte

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