New England semi-wrap-up

Well, I have been back in NJ for a little over 24 hours. I am still attempting to make sense of all that occured in New England. Mom and I had a lovely time. I think that, for the most part, we really enjoyed being in one another’s company. Except for those times when I became too much like my father. Then she would gently but urgently ask me to pull the car over so that she could drive.

You see…I have issues.

For instance, on Friday, we were supposed to take a train into Boston. She’s never seen the city, and I needed closure. As we were getting ready to go, she looked at me in an absolute panic and asked if I wanted to go to Gloucester, MA instead. Because it was raining, I said, “No.” I had mentally prepared myself to get on the train and face what I needed to face in Boston. She went mental on me because she was scared to death of the crowds and the train. So we compromised. We took a driving tour of MA, CT and RI. I wanted closure, instead we got a Christmas tree. It’s really pretty. A man on a Christmas tree farm cut it down for us and secured it on the roof of the minivan in the pouring rain. Good times, good times.

Changes in schedule like that freak me out. It’s not that I can’t be spontaneous. I like to do things on the spur of the moment. But, if I have my mind set on something, I fixate and it takes me a LONG time to recover my composure.

Visiting with my aunt and uncle was about as expected. We sat around, pretending that there was nothing wrong. I loaded all of my carp into the car and came home on Saturday as scheduled.

I wish that I could write a bright, cheery post about the wonders of New England. I can’t. I’m happy to have all of my clothes, shoes and calendars here, but I left MA haunted by a sense that my time there is not over. I almost called my pastor to ask why I should come home. I know that I am here in NJ for now, but there is something that must still be accomplished up north. I don’t know what it is.

That being said, I’m choosing to dwell in this moment. Instead of looking to something that is not for now, I’m enjoying now. Chruch this morning was like Christmas. Old friends came to visit the new house. And…I think that they all felt at home. How awesome is God?

2 thoughts on “New England semi-wrap-up

  1. “I loaded all of my carp into the car and came home on Saturday as scheduled.”

    So…..just how many carp do you own?

  2. When I worked at Cheng & Tsui we called crap “carp” because we had this meek Catholic man who could not even say the word crap.

    And yes…I do own a LOT of carp.

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