Sunday mind dump

Today we had a gentleman from “district” come to speak at our church.  He was amazing.  I loved what he had to say…really hit me between the eyes on a few different “things” that I am working through at the moment.  I love God.  But that whole dying to self thing…that isn’t always the most fun.

Speaking of dying to self.  I had a good conversation with a friend tonight.  All of my kids, my friends, are getting all growed up.  Getting engaged.  Getting married.  Getting settled.  Seeing the value of walking through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  Makes the green pastures in the Valley better.  You tend to appreciate them more.

I know that I’m stretched thin with work and school, but I need to use my creativity.  I recently realized that I wasn’t using it.  And now…it’s this nagging in my mind that I cannot quiet.  I was considering buying a saxophone so that I can be musical.  But I don’t know that I have the time to invest in re-learning an instrument.  Though when I played my nephew’s sax, it was like riding a bike.

I’m strongly considering investing in a piece of art 🙂  I think I’m going to buy myself a birthday present.  Hehe…

Next week I’m going to a pig roast.  Yummy.  My friend is buying a 150 lb pig and roasting that bad boy.  I can’t wait.  What a way to end summer…and end my free time on the weekend.

Well, I should probably get some sleep.  Tomorrow I get to meet the branch manager of our San Diego office.  I love the big-eyed optimism of new employees.  It makes me feel more optimistic.

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