State of the church

Wow.  I will never take for granted the time it takes to create one of those pamphlets that organizations put together to show the goings-on of the company, church, group, whatever.  I don’t know how I thought those things came into being, but now I know.  Hours of writing, tweaking, compiling, assembling, taking apart, re-assembling. Continue reading “State of the church”

The clearing of the ice

Well, we’re all cleared out.  The front walk, the driveway, the side near the garage and the back deck.  When dad comes home, we’ll have salt, and we should be golden.  I’ve also transferred all of my blog entries from Blogger onto WordPress.  Since I’ve become familiar with WordPress, I’ve been really impressed.  The onlyContinue reading “The clearing of the ice”

Diving in the working world…Sunday recap

Well, tomorrow I dive into the working world.  I am actually looking forward to beginning to have a “normal” schedule.  Though I’ve enjoyed the free form of my life for the past eight months, I realize that I do better with a schedule.  By schedule I mean having something to occupy my time so thatContinue reading “Diving in the working world…Sunday recap”