Exciting stuff…not so much :-)

I am so tired today.  Probably from staying up until the wee hour of 10PM downloading podcasts to my mp3 player.  Man am I getting old!

I was in a bit of a mood today.  I honestly don’t know what is going on…last week was so good and this week is so trying.  I was in about a half an hour early, so I left a bit early today.  I may work from home a few days next week because my coworkers are going to be out of town on business.  I can do my data mining from the comfort of my own home. 

Public transportation is fun.  I took the bus into Philly today.  It seems as if everyone on the bus has been on the bus together for a long time…a subculture if you will, of society.  I wonder if they see one another outside of the bus…in real life.   I think I prefer my routine of bus and train, though the walk from the bus stop this morning was invigorating. 

Well, I’m going to take my lethargic self to bed.  No need to fight what is necessary.

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