Cosi connections

cosicup.jpgFunny thing.  Yesterday I wrote about how I want to see my fingerprints on other people because they’ve been touched by God through me.  Today, I connected with my coffee gal at Cosi.  I look forward to seeing what God will do over the course of the next months.  My co-workers may join me for coffee on Monday morning. 

On a work note, today at lunch one of my bosses suggested that I may transfer (eventually) to sales rather than being in the office.  He gave a timeline of a few years.  I’m thinking of a shorter period of time.  Just want time to get the office running like a well-oiled machine.  I want to have some procedures set into place so that I can train the next person who has my position. 

Other than that, I have some writing to do.  I’m going to get up early tomorrow (which will feel like sleeping in since I’ll be sleeping past 5:30AM.)

For now….sleep beckons.

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