Life is funny.

Ok…maybe more like a psychotic roller coaster.

One day, years ago, a friend convinced me that I should overcome my fear of roller coasters, and proceeded to convince me to get on Nitro at Six Flags.

Y’all…I’m still emotionally scarred.

The ascent was really cool…a good 30 seconds of my life.

The next 2 hours (in my mind) were so terrifying that I literally cried. For the rest of the day.

Needless to say…that’s an irrational fear I’m willing to live with.

Why am I talking about roller coasters?

Well…I find life is that way.

As a matter of fact, the last 36 hours have been like that roller coaster ride.

I have agreed to do a podcast. I get to interview people in the entertainment industry. There is so much to learn…and the more I learn, the more intrigued I become. Last night was the first official show. I was petrified…but after a few minutes I kind of found my groove. Our show time was very late…and after an early morning, I was knackered but high on adrenaline and couldn’t sleep.

Then this morning I took my dad for a minor procedure.

But…my emotions were outta control.

My dad’s been my guy for 42.75 years. (Yeah…I’m that nerd.) Seeing him vulnerable…yeah

He made out well…his doctor is great…has a similar personality to me…so I knew he was in great hands.

But…my emotions, yo…

I got him home and came home and CRASHED. HARD.

Last night was like the ascent on that roller coaster…and today…well…was like the other part.

Being a woman, being an adult child, being an empath…I’m quite susceptible to acute highs and lows.

What I’m learning, on the daily, is that I have to control what I can. And I have to allow myself to lean into my emotions…the good, the bad and the ugly.

Last night I leaned into the high of doing something that scared me. And today I leaned into emotions I’m not quite sure how to quantify.

So…now I prepare for another day…time to get some good sleep, wake up tomorrow and make the day fantastic.

Because…THAT is my choice.

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