Stop being selfish

Sunday I attended an event that was amazing. I admit…I went to support a friend and because I’m a fan girl of the trainer that was the headliner.

I knew I’d be inspired by the trainer. Imagine my surprise when I was inspired for nearly the entire day. Imagine my shock when both the corporate speaker and the trainer spoke on mindset.

I went in very closed-minded, cranky, and just feeling anti-social. Thank God I got the fuck out of my own way and heard what was being said.

When I was listening to the speakers, I knew that I have a message to share. You see…their message and my message are similar. They each speak to their tribes, and I speak to mine.

The absolute most powerful moments of the day were just before the end of the group workout. We were supposed to count the bazillion lunges, push ups and burpees…but not many people were.

Suddenly, time stopped, and Chris Downing threw down. He called all of us selfish, and asked, “If you can’t be the voice of encouragement for people in this room by counting, how can you possibly be there for your tribe?” (I’m totally paraphrasing.)

Honestly, I was just trying not to die. But you know what? I was t going to die. I wasn’t thinking about people struggling more than I was. I was thinking only of myself. I was being a selfish prick.

You have a story to tell. You have a unique perspective that a tribe of people needs to hear, to experience. I have a unique point of view for a unique audience.

We need to stop hoarding our voice, hoarding our story. If you don’t share your voice, your story, you are being a selfish prick like I was.

If you’re ready to start using your voice, or you’re scared and think you have nothing to say, we need to work together. Don’t miss my blog…I’m rolling out something exciting soon!

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