Joy comes in the morning

Yesterday was a rough day. I felt off kilter from the moment I woke up. I had everything planned in my head, but everything was off by half a step…from my commute, to my working interview, to the rest of my day.

I’m not gonna lie…I was so disheartened, disappointed, disillusioned. I mean, I had a plan.

I gave into despair yesterday…I sulked like a kid denied a lollipop.

In the meantime, I set up a meeting for this morning. I went in cautiously optimistic.

The meeting went well…so much better than I could have ever anticipated. It went so well that tomorrow I have another meeting set up.

Today, I want to encourage you. If you are feeling hopeless, disillusioned, disappointed…hold on. Do not lose hope. God is working in the background. Just trust.

2 thoughts on “Joy comes in the morning

  1. Some days you step in it and some days you don’t. We can only plan so much. There are wonderful divine delays on the way wherever you’re going.

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