Watch out for the whale!!!

Throughout my life, the book of Jonah always comes up at pivotal times. Honestly, when I’m in a certain frame of mind (like where I am right now,) I prefer to avoid the ocean and the book of Jonah.

Here’s the super cliff notes version of Jonah in case you’ve never heard it. God tells Jonah to go to a city. Jonah hops on a boat in the opposite direction. A storm comes, Jonah get thrown overboard. Whale eats Jonah. Jonah repents. Whale vomits Jonah up on the shore of the city. Jonah preaches to city. City repents and comes to God.

whale and man

How many times in your life have you known you were supposed to do one thing, but you proceeded to do the complete opposite? There are two situations in my life right now wherein I know what I’m supposed to do, but fear is holding me back.

Yesterday, I hit rock bottom. I literally felt like there was a pile of rocks on top of me, and that there was no way to escape. The only thing that I could do was get on my knees and pray.

rock slide

Let’s just say that there were a LOT of tears, two swollen eyes and emotional vomiting that occurred. Then…something crazy happened. Peace. Comfort.

Last night I did something I’ve not done in a very long time. I listened to a sermon. And what was the pastor’s message on? Second Chances featuring my good friend Jonah. Yeah…I may be a thick-headed woman of Italian and German heritage, but I got the message. 

What really, REALLY hit me was the scripture that the pastor used to seal up the message.

romans 1129

No matter where you are, what you are doing, no matter how hard you are running in the opposite direction of you calling and gifting (totally looking at myself in the mirror here) you cannot outrun God. You, my friend, were born to run a race that only YOU can run. YOU have a superpower that SOMEONE else needs you to use so that they can then run their race. We’re all interconnected here. You are not an island. You are a part of a beautiful tapestry.


What’s holding you back? Fear? Self-doubt? Keep reading and following my journey, because I’m going to give you tools to work that shit out…because who wants to end up sitting in a pool of fish puke? Not me…that’s for sure.


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