Watch out for the whale!!!

Throughout my life, the book of Jonah always comes up at pivotal times. Honestly, when I’m in a certain frame of mind (like where I am right now,) I prefer to avoid the ocean and the book of Jonah. Here’s the super cliff notes version of Jonah in case you’ve never heard it. God tellsContinue reading “Watch out for the whale!!!”

The day God reordered my footsteps. Literally.

Today, as I left my building for lunch, I had a plan.  I needed to go to the bank and then get lunch.  My plan was to hit the bank first and then to find some lunch I could sink my chopsticks into.  Instead of walking toward the bank, I found my feet taking meContinue reading “The day God reordered my footsteps. Literally.”

Lessons learned inside the belly of a fish

I’ll be upfront and honest with you. I generally avoid the book of Jonah like the plague. Until today, I only saw Jonah as a rebellious man. God calls him. He runs away. He gets thrown off a boat. Swallowed by a fish. Vomited out of the fish’s mouth. Resentfully proclaims the word of theContinue reading “Lessons learned inside the belly of a fish”

How does salt lose its saltiness?

Last week at prayer, Pastor John posed a question to us: How does salt lose its saltiness? The question leads to more questions. Is the reference literal or is it figurative? Coming from a scientific background, I logically thought this thing through. The first question that must be addressed is this. What is the chemicalContinue reading “How does salt lose its saltiness?”