The day God reordered my footsteps. Literally.

Today, as I left my building for lunch, I had a plan.  I needed to go to the bank and then get lunch.  My plan was to hit the bank first and then to find some lunch I could sink my chopsticks into. 

Instead of walking toward the bank, I found my feet taking me to lunch.  I shook my head at myself and kept walking.  I ate my lunch and found my way to the bank.

When I arrived at the bank, the branch was “temporarily closed” with a police officer guarding the door.  What?!

In one of my previous lives–pre-ROL I was a banker.  I lived everyday with a fear gnawing at the back of my mind that today would be “the day.”  You know…the day some fool arrives at my window, in my branch, looking to make a few bucks and terrorize my dreams for a long time.  Fortunately, while I worked for the bank, this never happened to me.

Today, I believe that God protected me from living one of my biggest fears.  I don’t know for sure that there was a robbery, but the banker in my says that is the only reason that a branch would be temporarily closed with an armed guard outside.  The banker in me knows the signs, just as the banker in me can tell a counterfeit bill from 50 feet away…

Lord, thank you for saving me from that experience.  I pray that those in that branch are safe, and I pray that you would relieve their minds.  Father, bring peace to those people, and bring the person responsible to justice.  I know that you are a gracious God, but you are also a just God.  In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

That’s all for now, folks.  Gotta get back to spinning my wheels.

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