Some days, it’s easy. I get up, I put on my big girl pants and I bang out the things on my to-do list.

Other days, I get up, put on my big girl pants, get to work and hit a wall. A GIANT WALL. Think Great Wall of China wall.

Yesterday was the second type of day.

great wall of china

You see, I am building something that is so much bigger than I am. I have a purpose. I am going to take people on a journey. This journey scares the heck out of the enemy. Huh? What are you talking about Deneen? I’m glad you asked.

A long time ago, I read a book by Rick Joyner called The Final Quest. In the book, he describes an army of people, being led around in a group. There are birds herding the people, crapping on their heads. The crap numbs the people so they just keep walking around and around. This is what I see going on all around me…people numbly walking around, barely engaging in life, doing what is expected of them.

As I was just sitting down to start my work for the day, I got a phone call. I won’t go into details, but it shook me. You see…I had an expectation that as I was going through this process, that it would require hard work, but that there wouldn’t be too many road bumps. HAHAHAHA. You know what they say…you make a plan and God laughs.

Well, this phone call sent me right to bed. I literally shut down the computer and went to nap. Then, I heard a very quiet voice say to me, “Since when do things ever happen the way you plan? Do you not realize that I have so much more for you than you can imagine?”

Well, I got my butt right up out of that bed and got to work.

I had a decision to make. Choice A–I could sleep, keep my head under the covers and wait for utter doom and destruction to fall upon me or Choice B–I could get off my ass, put in a few hours and get back on track.

You face the same decisions on a daily basis. It may not be about starting a business that will turn into a movement. Maybe for you it’s calling your doctor to check out that weird spot on your arm. Maybe it’s setting a boundary around yourself to protect yourself from a toxic person. Maybe it’s polishing off your resume so that you can find a job that doesn’t steal your soul. Maybe…well….you can fill in the blank here.

Wherever you are in your journey, do yourself a favor. Do your loved ones a favor. Do me a favor. Do. Not. Quit. Do the hard things because one day, you’ll thank yourself.

do it

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