Take a knee


Back when I was a kid, players took a knee when they were in a huddle, listening to their coach give directions for the game, for the next play. Players also took a knee when there was an injury on the field.

This weekend, a couple hundred NFL players took a knee.

It is your right, as an American, to take a knee for the National Anthem. Men and women fought and fight, to this day, for you to have that right. Do I agree with you doing so? HELL NO. Both of my grandfathers and my father served in the military. I have many, many friends who served or who are serving in the military. I feel like you’re spitting on my grandfathers by doing so…but it is your right.


The question I have, though, is what are you accomplishing my taking this knee?

If y’all want to truly create change for the plight of black people in this country, you have to take a look at the inner cities. Kids in the inner city need strong male role models. After you play your game, invest some of your time and your $$$ into a program in the city to encourage kids to stay in school; invest in an after school program with qualified tutors to help bridge the education gap.

How is it that the communities have been ravaged to the point that they are?

We have to stop being so emotional about racism and attack this problem with logic.

I’m sure someone will tell me that is white privilege speaking. That’s cool…you don’t know my story, but if it makes you feel better to say such things, that’s your right. See the First Amendment of the Constitution of the US.

Here are some questions that we need answered if we are going to logically come together and solve these problems.

  • Who contols the cities?
  • Who holds the purse strings of the cities?
  • Who pads the bank accounts of so-called public servants?
  • Who has been in contol of creating the standards for our failing education system?
  • Who gives them the money to fund the substandard standards?
  • Who gave the media the contol of the narrative?
  • When did the media start controlling the narrative instead of reporting the news in an unbiased manner?
  • Who is the puppeteer and who is the puppet?


I am not denying that there are racist assholes out there, or that racism is not real. There are and it is. Naming racism is a start…but if we just keep crying racism and do not make changes outside of that, we’re like dogs chasing our tails.

Maybe it’s prophetic that so many NFL players took a knee this weekend. Our country is seriously injured. We all need to be on our knees praying for our country.




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