Good riddance 2011

2011 is almost over. Thank God.

Looking back, it’s been a roller coaster…a few ups and a lot of downs. I’m going to focus on the ups.

  • My passion for God is growing again. For me this is the biggest win of the whole list. 2009, 2010 and 2010 were craptastic. What I didn’t realize what how those trying years had affected my relationship with and my love for God. I can’t say that I’m where I want to be with Him…but I can say that there is forward progress occurring.
  • My grandmother was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer this year…definitely a down, but we’ve grown closer throughout the year. This is something that I’ve desired for my whole life…definitely a win for the year. She’s doing well…she’s a fighter that woman.
  • After a two month stint being unemployed, I got a job in September. I work with some great people and some quirky people, but overall, it’s a decent job.
  • I’ve reconnected with people in 2011 that I never expected to connect with again. It’s one thing to “like” one another status on Facebook or follow someone on Twitter, but it’s a whole other thing to sit face to face with people, laugh through things and know that, despite the odds, you have a group of friends you can count on.

In 2012, I have a few goals that I want to attain.

  • I’m going to increase my creativity. I’ve started a new blog:  I am going to be writing on there daily. My ultimate goal is that creating the habit of writing will lead to me achieving my dream of writing a novel. Check it out starting tomorrow…
  • I am going to take care of myself physically. I’ve joined a gym and set up an appointment with a personal trainer to get me started. I’ve joined Weight Watchers and have a few friends and family members who are also working toward a healthier lifestyle, so hopefully doing this in a community will help me to be successful long term.
  • I am going to become a positive impact in my community. I don’t exactly know how this one is going to take shape…but it turns out I have a bunch of friends who are philanthropic…I’m going to figure out where I can use the gifts and talents God gave me to change the city of Philadelphia.

Happy New Year. I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for all of us!


2 thoughts on “Good riddance 2011

  1. A thought provoking response to 2012. We,ve just welcomed in the new year here in the UK. Use your experiences through 2011 to strengthen your ambitions for 2012. God bless, ian

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