Year of discipline

In 2012 I want to become a disciplined person…so I am in the process of setting patterns for myself.

I ended 2011 by starting a Bible reading plan on…read through the Bible in 90 days. Usually I fall off the wagon by the end of week 1, but 32 days in, I find myself craving that reading time on a daily basis.

Today I started Weight Watchers and the Advocare 21 Day Challenge. I definitely added some extra steps today…walked to the train station instead of taking the bus (mainly because the bus never showed up…but you know what? It counts!) I’m also going to a train station in the morning that is at the bottom of a hill so that I have to walk myself up a hill to get to work.

I started my 365 day writing challenge and so far, so good. I know that it’s only January 2, but I’m being positive here, folks. I was going to publish my writing, but someone advised me to keep it private until I really get into the groove. As my ultimate goal is to be published, I will probably keep it private for a while…if not until I put it together in a packet for a publisher to look at.



2 thoughts on “Year of discipline

  1. Hey Deneen. Good for you! Keep at it and don’t let February be the month where your resolutions end. Haha. I read that on Jon Acuff’s blog. Have you heard of him? A great blogger who is challenging his readers to finish their goals in 2012 and is doing a day-by-day encouragement for the month of January to get started. I’d encourage you to check it out.

    Also, what is your 365 day writing challenge? I’d love to hear more about it.

    God bless and chat soon!


    1. Jon Acuff is the Stuff Christians Like guy, right? I enjoy reading his stuff…I’ll definitely check out his blog for some encouragement!

      The 365 day writing challenge is just writing every day for 365 days. My plan is to write a novel…autobiographical fiction is what I’m currently labeling it. Who knows what will develop as I go along…lol

      A friend of mine gave me some South African chocolate and I thought of you 🙂

      Hope all is well with you!

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