Self awarenesss part 1000

In the interest of getting to know myself recently, my air conditioner broke.  OK…I didn’t break it, but it’s lack of functionality did result in my one night stint being back at my parents’ house.

God has blessed me with a family that will always be there for me, no matter what.  I slept in my childhood home…very poorly.  I am amazed at how quickly I’ve turned my apartment into home.  I love my family wholeheartedly.  However, I will do whatever it takes to never live there again.

I love city life.  When I park my car, I don’t have to get back into it except to head over to the White house for Sunday family dinner or to go to work.  I can walk to anything I need.  If I can’t walk there, I can always take a taxi.

When I moved out of my own, I thought that there would be a lot more temptation.  Or more to the point, I thought that I would be more apt to succumb to temptation.  To be completely honest with you, I want to succumb to temptation.  However…there is something in me that just won’t allow it to happen.

I have one single girlfriend in particular with whom I am walking out life as a single woman.  The first time we sat down and had a heart to heart, we talked about how it felt like there was a bubble of protection over us.  I feel like that more now than ever before.

But I’ve also learned something about myself.  No matter how much I want to, I am not a person who takes relationships lightly.  More to the point, I’m not a one-night kinda gal.  No matter how much fun I’m having talking to someone, dancing with him, I’m not the girl who will go home for one night.  I wish I could be…but I’m not.

Here’s to appreciating myself for who I am.  I give you Kelly Clarkson singing the song that, somehow, has come to make me smile.

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