The week that (almost) was

Well, I’m almost finished my first week of the new job.  I love it.  After working in so many bad situations, I appreciate every little thing about where I work now.

Paul and his father are great bosses.  They really care about each of their employees, and they care deeply about their patients.  They are beyond fair with everyone they come into contact with.  I don’t say this from only one week of experience working with Paul.  I’ve known him for over a year, and this has consistently been my experience.  

The other day I took a phone call that made me so proud.  Paul placed some implants on my first day in the office.  It is protocol to call the patients that night to check on them.  The patient called back two days later, excited that he had no pain, no swelling, no discomfort as a result of the implant surgery.  He raved about Paul, and told me  how happy he was that he had found us.  I told him that we were just as happy that he found us.  This is not a rare occurrence.  Our patients love our doctors, our hygienists, our assistants.  

I want someone to pinch me.  I am so thrilled that I’ve been given an opportunity to work at this practice.  

So, yeah.  I am really happy.  I can’t wait to get up at 5:15AM and do it all over again tomorrow!

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