What do you mean?

Sometimes I really wonder how people can question the existence of God.  Some would say that I believe in a fairytale.  Others that I am brainwashed.  To those people, I say pshaw.  Yeah…I did just pull out a Little House on the Prairie term.  Take that 🙂

In August I took a road trip.  I traveled from NJ to MA and spent a few days in my beloved New England.  Then I traveled from MA to Syracuse, NY.  While in MA, I took some photos of random things that reminded me of who I am.  I am obsessed with three things–from a photography standpoint, at least–benches, stairs and doorways. 

100_0327Doorways represent new beginnings and endings.  Both are good things in due season. 

100_03091Stairs represent movement from one level to another.  Either up or down.  Both are good in due season. 

100_0315Benches represent rest.  Rest is a good thing.  Even God took a day of rest after He created the earth. Something I’m learning is that rest does not mean inaction.  Rest means trusting in God…trusting that He truly knows what is best for me.

The other day I was at my wits end, so I sent a tweet out to the world, asking for prayer.  You know what happened?  God answered my prayers, and the prayers of my tweets.  Today I find myself still, knowing that He is God. 

I am enjoying this moment…and I truly look forward to 2009.  I only see bright skies ahead.  The best is yet to come.


2 thoughts on “What do you mean?

  1. hey, randomly found your blog( standard line, ha) I like your post and to reply to the god thing. Just how you can’t understand how people can’t believe in god, I’m sure they are thinking, how can you believe in god. While I’m not religious, I do believe in a power greater than myself and by doing so have realized that I think in some sense we all believe in the same thing, it’s just colored differently. For instance I might say, god is love(so it’s not an actual guy in the sky) where someone might feel it is, but it serves the same purpose. Just how you wouldn’t give a race car regular fuel, you wouldn’t give an Atheist the bible. : )

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your perspective…your analogy of not giving a race car regular fuel and not giving an Athiest the Bible is interesting, and I wish that Christians would get that.

    When Jesus walked on the earth, he didn’t throw the Torah at people. He built relationships with people. He met people where they were–on the streets, in the Synagogue. People naturally followed him, but he didn’t expect people to to meet him where he was. Maybe if Christians spent more time doing life…real life with people…we wouldn’t have such a bad name.

    You got my mind a-chugging 🙂

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