Vacation…day one

Ha.  I’m not going to blog all of the non-exciting details of my vacation.  Unless I go somewhere or do something interesting.

I really just need a break.  I need to be removed from my work situation to get some perspective.  I would love to be sitting on a beach somewhere, drinking those cool drinks with the umbrellas.  Or to be in a third world country, loving on some kids, building something, getting some blisters and dirt under my nails.  This week, though, is more about my emotional health.  I can’t supply the needs of others if I don’t work some things out in my own life.

There is the potential for some big life changes to occur this week…but I have to see what happens before I can day for sure.  If you pray, shoot up a prayer for me this week. 

Gotta run for some cheesecake.

Talk to you soon.

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