Have you thought of someone else today?

September 4 is Peter’s birthday–the child that I sponsor in Uganda.  I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately.  There are so many little things that occupy my mind that are wrong with my life. 

For example, this morning as I drove into work, I was whining, in my head, about how cold it was going to be in the office.  But–I had complete assurance that I would have food in my stomach; clean, cold, fresh water to drink; doctors, dentists, healthcare galore at my disposal.  I’ve graduated from both high school and university.  I have a job that pays me, like clockwork, every two weeks.

In Uganda, HIV is the norm, not an aberration.  If it rains too little–or too much–their food supply dries up.  There is constant civil unrest and noone to protect or speak for the poor.  Education is a privelege, not a right.  Air conditioning is uncommon, to say the least.  Owning a car–unheard of for the masses.

While I am on vacation, I will be preparing a little gift for Peter.  I would love to give him the world-because he has opened my eyes to the much that I have, even if it seems like I have nothing.

Who has impacted your life?  More importantly, whose life have you impacted today?  You can always click on the link at the top right of my blog and change the direction of a child’s life forever.  For around $40 a month. 

Just saying…

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