Most of the men in my life are like my father

The other night, my mom and I were talking about the men in my life.  I work in a male dominated field…while there are a lot more female dentists entering the market, most of the dentists that I work with, and most of my friends, are men.

My father is an extraordinary man.  I am surely biased, but I really admire my father.  He is one of the smartest men I know…and one of the most stubborn.  He is also very encouraging…usually at the exact moment I need it the most.

A few weeks ago, he had minor surgery on his leg.  He didn’t tell his boss.  He just took a Friday off and was back to work on Monday.  My mom and I made him stay in bed like his doctor told him to.  He got mad at us for babying him…but in the end I think he appreciated that we cared.  Or at least he pretended to appreciate it.

A friend of mine has surgery this past week.  He didn’t tell too many people.  He only told me because I joked, asking him if he was traveling around the world.  When he said no, I was concerned, and he spilled the beans.

Another friend of mine has this knack of knowing just when I need a phone call or an email.  It doesn’t have to be deep, or too many words, but just their presence brings a level of comfort and encouragement.

My father is the standard in my life for me.  For better or worse for the other men in my life, he is the bar that men have to reach in my life.

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