Broken silence

I guess I have broken the veil of silence that had taken over me.  Some may wish for my writer’s laryngitis to reoccur…haha

Last night I texted my friend just tell tell her that she means the world to me.  I expected only that.  We actually texted back and forth for a while.  This one text in particular is going to be saved on my phone until I get a new one:  “U know God has great things 4u..u dont need 2 know what they r 2 get where u need 2 go.” 

I am a fan of one-liners.  Sometimes the best things in life are captured in short snippets.  That is probably why I am absolutely addicted to Twitter.  I follow people from all over the US.  I’ve never met any of these people face to face.  Yet.  But their wisdom inspires me to grow in wisdom.  Their odd remarks make me laugh…usually at inappropriate times. 

So, who have you texted lately to say hello?  You can never know when a simple text can radically transform the landscape of someone’s day. 

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