We know. We read her blog.

Today was one of the strangest days that I have experienced in a very long time.  Seriously. 

Work was good.  I generally enjoy graduation day of our training program.  I seriously love this part of my job.  I love working with the dentists.  I love interacting with people.  I have not been designed to work in an office with the same 10 people day after day.  I really think that it is slowly KILLING me. 

I spent the afternoon getting my nails done and shopping.  And sweating.  Did I mention that it is hot?

Tonight we had an impromptu class reunion.  A friend of mine for over 25 years is going for a tour in Iraq.  So, one of the girls emailed everyone–and I mean everyone–who attended Woodbury High School in a 10 year range, and a good number of us headed to a local watering hole.  I have to be honest.  I hated high school with a bloody passion.  My expectations for tonight were not high.  It was nice to catch up with a few people that I’ve not seen for, oh, about 15 years.  But…as for the rest of them…I can probably wait another 15 years until I see them.

For me, the most awkward moments are those when I see someone that I am supposed to know, but I have absolutely NO IDEA who the h-e-double hockey sticks they are.  “Hi Deneen!  How are you?  It’s so good to see you!”  “Hi, (said in a high pitched voice.)  How are you?!”  I honestly did not recognize most of the people that I ran into.  For me, that proves that I didn’t like high school.  I have obviously blocked a good portion of my memories.  

The other awkward part is how to answer the question, “So, what have you been up to?”  How the heck do you recapitulate 15 year of life in a 2 minute snippet?  Do you really care what I’ve been up to?  You haven’t made an effort to contact me in a decade and a half.  And I’ve not attempted to contact you.  Obviously, I don’t care all that much either.  There was one point when someone asked me a question.  I paused, and one of the girls said, “We know.  We read her blog.”  That really stuck with me. 

The end result of my day is that I really think that I reconnected with a couple of people tonight.  Or I should probably say connected.  There is a barbeque in the works.  I love to cook on charcoal.  And I love friends.  New and old. 

2 thoughts on “We know. We read her blog.

  1. This made me cry!! A good cry! 🙂 I loved seeing you & so look forward to our future adventures!!Preferably with less anxiety! :)After your exit…your “hotness” was the topic of conversation among the boys! LOL! It made me smile…they’re all still 16 at heart! Thank you for coming…you made my night! Can’t wait for the BBQ!! xoxoxo

  2. & i’m with you on the creep factor of…we know, we read her blog…my theory is say HI, lemme know who i’m talking to!!! maybe i should put less out there…LOL…that won’t happen! 🙂

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