golden-gate-bridge.jpgA few years ago, I was at a Sunday night service, and a man from my church spoke a prophetic word over me.  The word that he gave me was that I am a pillar.  I took the word, and tucked it away in my heart.  Every once in a while, when the pressure is ON, I remember his words. 

Right now, I’m known as the superglue that keeps things together.  Knowing the uncertainty that I experience daily, I generally feel more like a cheap glue stick that barely holds paper together, let alone an office. 

Today in church, my pastor talked about pillars and bridges.  Pillars hold up the bridge.  The bridge allows people to get from one place to another.  You can’t have the bridge without the pillar.  And the pillar is useless without the bridge. 

That brings me back to that night several years ago.  I knew at the time that I was a pillar.  God has spoken that to me before.  This was a word of confirmation.  What I didn’t know was the pressure involved in being a pillar.  Being hidden away, all of the weight of the structure sitting on you.  Having people walk over you, never knowing that you are there.  This call is not for the faint of heart. 

I know that God is the one who really holds everything together.  I certainly don’t have a God complex.  I know that if I were to disappear from the face of the earth, that the earth would still spin; my company would function just as it did before I was there; my church would continue forward. 

I’ve been comfortable sitting back, watching the goings on of the church.  Quite honestly, I’ve enjoyed the break.  I worked and worked and worked for a while, spinning my wheels.  One day I couldn’t do it any more.  Now I’m back in church, and I love it.  I think I may be ready to get back in the mix of things.  I’m ready to take the mantle that God has given me.  I have to walk forward without fear. 

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