Compassion bloggers trip

Wow.  The Uganda bloggers are on their way home soon.  I know that they are all excited to come home to their families.  However, I am kind of feeling like I have survivor’s guilt.  I have thoroughly cherished being stretched as I read the blogs, watched the videos on youtube and began brainstorming ways for me to get to Uganda to visit my sponosored child, Peter. 

Thanks to all who have sacrificed precious time with their own families to show the world what is going on in Uganda…and the wonderful things that Compassion International is doing throughout the world, specifically in Uganda.  Thank you for sharing your lives with us….and the pictures of the toilet. 

My life has irrevocably been changed.  And now I yearn for the day that I get on a plane headed for Africa.  Until then…I live vicariously through y’all.

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