map-of-uganda.jpgI’ve been reading about this awesome group of people who are heading to Uganda…a group of bloggers who are going to head over there to share their raw experiences, unedited, not candy-coated like you find on the 11 o’clock news.  I have to admit.  I’m jealous.  I think in a good way…if there is a good kind of jealousy.  One day I know that I will step foot in Africa.  And now I have a reason.  I sponsored a kid in Uganda.  He’s a bit older….if you can consider 10 “older.”  And we’re almost birthday buddies.  (I didn’t know this before I decided to sponsor him.)  His birthday is 09/04 and mine is 09/05.  So…I’ll never forget his birthday.

Even though I’m not making the trek to Uganda, I feel as if I am a part of the trip…perhaps an early success story. 

My prayers are with the bloggers who are heading over there with Compassion.  If you see my guy, give him a hug (or a high five) for me.  And tell him that one day, I’ll get over there to see him 🙂

Oh yeah.  If you want to help affect change in a child’s life, check out Compassion’s website.  If I were rich, I would sponsor all of the kids.  The look in their eyes…the sheepish look on their faces…that clock inside is ticking.  Loudly. Oy vey.

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