Allergy update

It did not occur to me, until someone asked me just now, that anyone would want to know the results of my allergy testing.

Basically, I’m allergic to everything that grows in South Jersey.  The good news is I’m not allergic to our cat and dog.  The bad new is that I am allergic to my brother in law.    They put “TIM” on my arm, stuck some stuff in it, and a big welt formed.  I asked them NOT to remove that mark because it finally, definitively proves that I am in fact allergic to my brother in law.  (I love him, by the way.  It’s just fun to say that I’m allergic to my bro-in-law.)

Anywho…I’m on allergy meds.  If they make me feel significantly better, we’ll do that for a while.  Right now, I’m sneezing less and sleeping better.  Zyrtec makes me veryyyyy sleeeppppy.  I think that the Singulair does too. 

So, that’s it for now.

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