Last day of mini-vacay

Today is the final day of my mini “vacation.”  For some reason, it does not feel vacationlike at all. 

I haven’t blogged all that much because there’s not too much to say.

So, now I stop wasting precious minutes of your time and mine.  And get ready for my favorite event.  Allergy testing.  You’d think they’d have a more sophisticated method of testing for allergies than scratching my skin with allergens and watiting to see what happens.  It seems so archaic.

I’ll be back tomorrow with something mind-shattering to share.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Last day of mini-vacay

  1. I know you had lots of fun with your family! I’ll pray that your tests go great and they find exactly what needs to be healed!

    don’t forget tomorrow is Wednesday – – are we on for bible study??

  2. How did the allergy testing go? Does it hurt? You look like the best aunt ever! You rock and your blog rocks 🙂 I will pray for your God moments which is all of them!

    God Bless,

  3. Thanks for the compliments 🙂

    Allergy testing went well. I’m not crazy. I’m allergic to everything that grows in South Jersey…except for pine trees. I got some nice allergy medicine that makes me sneeze much less and sleep much better!

    Thanks for asking, by the way!

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