Trying to break the silence

shhhh.jpgI have a burden for people.  I have a burden for the people in the church to which God has called me to serve.  I feel a burden for the people in the community in which we worship.  I feel a burden for the people with whom I come into contact.

Lately, I have been really tired.  A lesson that I am learning is that the people of the world are not my burden.  I did not die on a cross.  God has called me to lay down my life so that I can live a life full on for Him.  Not for my desires.  Not for my needs.  Not even for the needs of the people around me.  The reason that God put me onto earth is to love Him.  In loving Him, I will love the people of my church.  I will love the people in the community.  I will love the people with whom I come into contact.  But I will not carry them, as a burden, on my shoulders.  I am learning to love without carrying the “stuff” alone with it.

I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone, but it has taken me about three weeks to get that out.

There are some transitions going on in the heavenlies.  God is preparing His people for something. Something of a great magnitude.  Something that will shake us to the core.  I don’t write this to alarm anyone, but rather to ask you to pray.  There is an intense battle going on for the Church.  We have to be very aware of the reality of heaven and hell.  Be watchful.  There are people who need to know the love of the Saviour.  If you know Him, prepare yourself daily to be His ambassador.  If you do not know Him, if you think I am some crackpot Christian spouting off, I challenge you, I dare you to ask God to reveal Himself to you. 

Lord, I pray a blessing over every person who reads this, whether intentionally or accidentally.  I pray that You reveal Your character to your children–those who walk daily with You and those who are estranged from You.  Lord, I love You, more than life.  I could not live if you did not give me the strength to awake in the morning.  Be with my friend, Lord.  Reveal Yourself.  In Jesus name, Amen.

3 thoughts on “Trying to break the silence

  1. thanks for the reminder…I tend to try and carry people on my back as well…Not that I am trying to be some “super hero”, but simply because I care about people…ALL PEOPLE…


  2. In complete agreement with you on God preparing the Church!!!! Was just discussing this with a friend this week. SOMETHING is going on. God is clearing the junk out of peoples lives so that He can use them for His purpose.
    I believe that revival is right around the corner. And I also believe that the Church is ill-prepared!!
    God is calling His warriors to the front lines and His prayer warriors to pray without ceasing.
    The battle is the Lords. And it is our duty and humble honor to join Jesus in this awesome battle!!
    riderforJC – A follower of Jesus Christ by the Grace of God!!

  3. You are correct. I am seeing the transition now and in my own life. I too see God working on myself and others and getting to the core of the matter and I feel like I am being prepared for something. Called to something greater then I can imagine.

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