I’ve been exposed

Yup.  You read that right. 

Today, after our training session with our dentists, I was waiting for the car to be delivered with one of our dentists.  He said to me, “I hear that you are really involved in your church, like a deacon or something?”  I said, “Yeah, I’m a leader in my church.  I might even get to preach this summer.”  The doctor in whose practice he works is a Christian.  I discovered this when I got his email address.  But we’ve never talked about our faith.  I don’t know who outed me, but it’s pretty cool.

Today was a great day.  I had a sick feeling about doing all of those surgeries, that we weren’t coordinated, that something awful would go wrong.  Thankfully, for the most part, everything went well.  We (by we I mean the doctors) had to graft some bone and add some membrane, but, other than that, all went well.  I am really enjoying getting to know the doctors.  I am enjoying learning about my industry.  I guess that’s a good thing since I had to sign a non-compete and I can’t work for any other implant company.  I figure that I will never want to work for another implant company, so I signed without a moments’ hesitation.

Well, I’m tired. 

Peace out friends.

5 thoughts on “I’ve been exposed

  1. Good on you for doing well at work and good on your for being forthright with your faith (which is your prerogative, anyway).

    Why do you feel “exposed”? It definitely does’t need to be a secret.

  2. howdy, glad you like the colors of my site, what do you think about the layout? happy to hear things are working out well on your job and in your church, i did not know you were one of the leaders in your church, you go girl! and congrats on your new pc, have lots of fun and enjoy it, i know i love mine. love, briggitte

  3. Hi D Peace,

    Thank you for your comment!

    I don’t feel exposed. I was being facetious. I guess my sense of humor didn’t translate well. I’ve not intentionally hidden my faith…just don’t walk around the office telling everyone how to live their lives. Instead I am doing it.

    I was surprised that my faith was a topic of discussion among people that I don’t know too well…that’s all.

    God bless you!

  4. My periodontist has threated to put cow bones in my gums to help my teeth from falling out! I have had quite a bit of oral surgeries on my gums. I am amazed at how they can stop the bleeding with an anti-bleeding drug mixed in with the novacaine- I was envisioning choking on blood and having a sucking blood tube in my mouth. Actually the surgeries do not hurt at all (unless you accidentally bite the dentist’s fingers), until the anesthesia wears off. Then it starts hurting.

  5. Bovine bone is good stuff. It never ceases to amaze me the things that we are learning on a daily basis about the human body. I never would have guessed that cow bone would integrate well into the human body. I never would have figured out that a titanium screw could integrate into bone.

    I know that people on the science end of the spectrum believe that advances in science disprove the existence of God (obviously a gross over-simplification of that case) but for me, advances in science are little glimpses of the creative God that I serve.

    Who would have thought five months ago that my job would be showing me more of God? God does have a sense of humor 🙂

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