I realized something recently.  It should have been apparent throughout my life, and I suppose that it has been apparent, but I can put words to it.

I am passionate about God. 

I love people, because He loves people.  I love prayer because He loves to connect with me.  I love creation because He created it. 

I love the Township of Voorhees because He has placed me there.  I love Philadelphia because God has sent me as a missionary to that particular city. 

I am falling in love with Korean people because God has placed me in a situation in which I am surrounded by Korean people.  I am starting to love dentists because God has put me in a company whose function is to reach out to dentists, to educate them and to be a support to them. 

I love to travel the world because I am passionate about the things that God has placed in my heart.  I love blogging because it allows me to preach the gospel on every continent without jet lag and travel expenses.

It would be really easy, over simplistic to look at my life and see me as scattered.  There is a thread that holds all of these things together:  a passion for Jesus Christ, the Messiah, my Father and the Holy Spirit.  Sure, sometimes I’m like a kid who is high on sugar when God shows me something.  Most of the time it is for later, not for now, but I am still like a kid at Christmas.  I hope that I never lose that excitement.

So, there you have it.  I’ve come out of the closet.  I’m passionate about God.

4 thoughts on “Passionate

  1. Two things….

    1. Nice touch with the blog…I like the picture of the city and the white background….

    2. Great perspective on life…Good attitude for all of us to follow…


  2. Deneen, I share your passion! I, too, love people & our Creator & the creation. Like you, I am blessed to have a job that I enjoy & workmates that are like family to me. I feel sorry for people who do not have passion in their soul. Every Christian should feel passion…we have sooooo much to shout about & to be happy about… happiness feels “good to the bone”. Don’t ever let anyone or anything dampen your enthusiasm or passionate way of thinking & living….you have many “soul mates” who say AMEN with you & cheer you on to other revelations regarding your passion. Thanks for sharing your innermost feelings….that’s not always an easy thing to do.

  3. I adore the Lord, he’s been soooo good to me, I dont even know where to start. He’s just so kind, he meets me at every point of need, he spoils me, he’s there for me like no one has ever been, he’s my best friend and I love him….o yes I do!

    I really appreciate your blog, and encourage you to continue to spread the good news. Heaven smiles down at you.

    I just want anyone out there who is lonely, if only you would open your heart and allow him, he will be with you every step of the way, he’ld never leave u alone, He wants to bear your burdens, He wants to ease your pain, He wants to set you free.
    God Bless

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