Fragments of today’s moments

Wow.  I just nearly fell off of my chair.  Today I had a sweet tooth while Brooke & I were at Starbucks.  I got what I thought was the lite alternative sweet…the reduced fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake.  On Weightwatchers, it cost me seven (7) points.  What a rip!

As I am bemoaning this, I am thinking about other things in life that seem like a good alternative.  You know.  Only a little.  It’s not that bad.  Just a little.  Noone will see.  If I don’t tell anyone, noone has to know.  The fact of the matter is that all of the “little” things add up.  Sometimes a minute on the lips equals a lifetime on the hips.  Y’all are smart.  I don’t have to go any further.

Today I experienced something strange.  I think it may have been contentment.  I wasn’t looking for the other shoe to come flying down the stairs.  I didn’t look for friction.  I actually enjoyed being content.  Being in the world, but not conformed to this world’s standards. 

I started The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkerson.  I’m trying to take it slowly, chew on it bit by bit.  I marvel at my friends’ timing.  I was given this book last night to read after talking with my pastor and his wife about things that are going on, that have been going on for as long as I can recall.  Today it took everything within me not to cry on the bus.  I thank God for the ladies exchanging stories about how they fell on the ice over the weekend, laughing their butts off.  Were it not for humor and laughter I would have wept with relief. 

If you’ve followed me this far, you are to be commended.  I don’t know that I’ve followed my own train of thought & rabbit trails.  Time. for. sleep. now.

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