Funny thing how prayer works.  Sometimes it takes days, weeks, months to get an answer to prayer.  Other times…just a moment. Thank you God for your grace. I apologized to my co-workers.  Relief.  I have a sense of peace that I did not have before. My life is not my own.  I should know this. Continue reading

Prayer South Korean hostages & the city of Minneapolis

Father God, I pray for those hostages.  They are your sons and your daughters.  Father, I ask You to comfort them in this time of distress.  Father, I ask You to strengthen their minds, their bodies, their spirits, right now in the name of Jesus.  Father, I ask You to cause a song of praiseContinue reading “Prayer South Korean hostages & the city of Minneapolis”


Please pray for my friend Colleen.  She was admitted to the hospital last night. I don’t have time to divulge details, but the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Father know what is up.  Connect with the Power Source and He’ll tell you what to pray. Thanks.