Somehow I managed to pull a muscle or pinch a nerve in the right side of my neck. So, I hurt. And boy, am I not happy about it. Guess I’ll have to take it easy on my father this weekend when he has knee surgery. I’m certain that what he’s been feeling in his knee is exponentially worse than this. He has a torn muscle in his right knee as well as some arthritis. Ouch.

Dad’s feeling a bit “concerned” about going under general anesthesia. But he’d prefer that to being awake and not being able to feel his toes. That freaked him out.

So, if you wouldn’t mind praying for the my father and me, you’d be our collective hero. I’ve been praying for peace for my dad, and that God would guide the doctor’s hand during the surgery. Oh yeah…pray for my mom, that she is able to get him to the surgery center by 6:45AM.


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