Prayer South Korean hostages & the city of Minneapolis

Father God, I pray for those hostages.  They are your sons and your daughters.  Father, I ask You to comfort them in this time of distress.  Father, I ask You to strengthen their minds, their bodies, their spirits, right now in the name of Jesus.  Father, I ask You to cause a song of praise to rise up within them.  Father, I ask You to work a miracle in this situation.  Father, I am reminded of Paul and Silas, singing in the jail, watching their shackles fall off and the door to the jail open.  Father, I pray for a miracle of that magnitude, so noone can take the credit but YOU.

Father, I ask You to bring comfort to their families.  I ask you for strength for them as well.  Father, give them peace, knowing that no matter what happens, YOU are in control. 

Father, I pray for the people of Minneapolis.  I pray, Father, for the families of those who died and were injured when that bridge collapsed.  FAther, I ask for peace, for divine healing for the hurting.  Father, for those whose loved ones are missing, I ask you to wrap your arms especially around them.  Father, I cannot imagine the deep grief.  I ask you to send the Comforter.  Father, I pray that You are glorified in this situation as well.

Father, I pray these things in Jesus name.

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