Strength, insecurity, dignity, grace, fear, faith…all the bloody things

There’s something in the air the week. It feels like a week of rapid transformation. Or deterioration. Or both. If I were to lay it all out, you wouldn’t believe the shit I’ve been facing. And it’s only Thursday. In general, I feel that I am a pretty selfless person. But man…this week…it’s been allContinue reading “Strength, insecurity, dignity, grace, fear, faith…all the bloody things”


When I was a kid, my family and I were on vacation in the Poconos, and for an entire day, I was so sad I cried all day. Nothing could cheer me up. When we got home, we found out that one of our relatives in Germany, who I had never met, had passed away.Continue reading “Intuition”

My inner badass escaped!

When I started my job, my intention was to keep up with the flow of blogging that I had going before I started. Well…obviously that didn’t happen. I’m not going to give you a bullshit excuse about why I didn’t do what I intended. I dropped the ball. I got overly focused on the job.Continue reading “My inner badass escaped!”

Stop with your tantrums

I am still trying to process what happened in Parkland, FL this week. I cannot comprehend how a man would even get the thought of taking a weapon and gunning down a school. I couldn’t even kill a mouse in my apartment. Being who I am, I want to get to the root cause ofContinue reading “Stop with your tantrums”

Breaking trends

I left my job in the dental field almost six months ago. I was sick mentally and physically. I was so far beyond burnt out that I was unrecognizable to myself. Over 10 years ago, I left a church. I was mentally and physically sick. I was so far beyond burnt out from volunteering aContinue reading “Breaking trends”

Shades of grey

Today I went to church.  For the first time since I returned from a dental meeting in Boston.  It’s been a while.  A friend invited me.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have gone.  Just being honest.  This is how it went down.  She saw that I had changed my “status” on myspace.  She commented me that thisContinue reading “Shades of grey”

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! This is one of my favorite holidays.  I love fireworks, barbeque, and not having to be anywhere at a specific time.  I love living in the Philadelphia area for this holiday as well…we have Independence Mall, the Liberty Bell, the Constitution Center, and many more wonderful reminders of America’s history.  Hmmm…maybe I’llContinue reading “Happy Independence Day”

So, who are you? Fun little Q&A session

Ok.  There are some people who read my blog consistently who do not comment.  That’s cool, if you want to remain anonymous.  I read a ton of blogs on which I rarely if ever comment. That being said, however, I would love to know a little about you.  i’d like this to be more likeContinue reading “So, who are you? Fun little Q&A session”

Valentine’s Day

I think that Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day that has been set aside to show people that you love them.  Thank God we have Hallmark to remind us, for one day, to love people.  In case Jesus didn’t stress it enough in the Bible.  I don’t know why, but this day seems to bring out insecuritiesContinue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Googled, evolving amoeba and community

Wow.  Someone googled me.  And found my blog.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been googled before.  And when did “googled” become a verb?  Inquiring minds want to know.  I think I may be a bit uncomfortable with that.  Maybe I should get over that?  Anyway…tonight I met with Colleen, Pastor John and Beth, andContinue reading “Googled, evolving amoeba and community”