Renewing of the psyche

Today was an excellent day.  I love watching God move…in the lives of my friends, family, acquaintances and people that I’ve just met.  When good things happen, I know that God is blessing people.  When bad things happen, I can see that God is tearing down one thing to build up another thing.  One thingContinue reading “Renewing of the psyche”

Women in ministry, part deux

Thank you to all who commented/engaged in the discussion about women in ministry.  This is a subject about which I am passionate.  Obviously. I understand that there are several camps:  pro-female pastors; anti-femal pastors; pro-female pastor as long a the women dare not assume a role of authority over a male; pro-female pastor when theContinue reading “Women in ministry, part deux”

Pregnant…with a vision

Let’s be honest.  I should be sleeping.  My body feels like it is encased in jello…doesn’t want to move yet mobile…tough to explain.  However, my brain is charging full speed ahead, even after two hours of mind-numbing television. I was listening to a podcast this week that compared a person full of vision to aContinue reading “Pregnant…with a vision”

Transparent, real, raw

I wish I were the friend who could tell you what you want to hear.  I wish I were the person who could tell you, and fully believe, that tomorrow, when you wake up, everything will be better.  But God has not given me the gift of tickling your ears, of telling you what youContinue reading “Transparent, real, raw”

Angry bus drivers, driving rain & encouragement

ChI have a riddle for you.  How do you ruin the day of a bus driver?  Give her a $20 bill on a rainy morning when one other person did the same a few stops earlier. This moring it was raining buckets, cats & dogs, sideways.  The weather was not optimal for public transportation, norContinue reading “Angry bus drivers, driving rain & encouragement”