Renewing of the psyche

Today was an excellent day.  I love watching God move…in the lives of my friends, family, acquaintances and people that I’ve just met.  When good things happen, I know that God is blessing people.  When bad things happen, I can see that God is tearing down one thing to build up another thing.  One thing that I know is that God does not become more sovereign when I am blessed, nor does He lose one ounce of His sovereignty when it looks like life is falling apart.

Don’t know why I stepped onto that soap box, but there you have it.

Back to the excellent day.  I had a really chill day.  Mom and I went to breakfast.  Man, was I craving breakfast food.  I had it all, too–eggs, sausage, pancakes, diner coffee.  Yum.  Then I went and got my hair done and my eyebrows waxed.  There is something so reassuring when you walk into the salon, feeling a little less than on top of your game, about knowing that you will walk out on top of your game.  Maybe it’s a chick thing. 

But–that is how I feel whenever I spend time in the presence of God.  I walk in, knowing that in and of myself and my actions, I am not worthy of God’s time.  But, because of the work that Christ did on the cross, giving of His life for mine, I can walk into the presence of God boldly, knowing that He will smile, speak in a still quiet voice to the deep places in my soul, and I will walk away with a new bounce in my step, knowing God a little more and knowing myself a little more.

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