We all have core values…whether we define them more not. One of my core values is that I will always welcome challenges and change.

Recently, I was given an opportunity to host a podcast. About the entertainment industry.


Someone who honestly…is not a student of entertainment.

Business? Makes sense.

Mindset? For beginners and those who find it challenging. Definitely.

Football? Baseball? Yup.

Fashion? 🙄

Acting? Well…I feel like I deserve an Academy Award for pretending to be an extrovert daily…but I’m more of a “makes the posters for the play” kinda gal.

Music? I appreciate it but I’m still emotionally scarred from being kick out of choir in 8th grade.

But…you see…when I went to college, I studied English because it was harder to me than science and math.

Who am I to say no to a challenge? For an opportunity I’ve been asking to be given for 2 years?

With this challenge comes not only responsibility but change.

You see…it’s time for me to start looking the part. That never occurred to me.

I can’t walk around with messy hair, bags under my eyes and tell people that I represent this company.

Just like you can’t have someone with jacked up teeth working the front desk of a dental office.

When it was subtly suggested to me that I up my “put together” game…I had two choices.

I could be super sensitive and take it personally.


I could understand that, if this is what I truly want, I have to look, dress and act the part.

I love getting my hair done. That’s no secret. But the makeup, clothes and shoes part? That part gives me hives.

And I’m absolutely certain that in a year, I’ll look back on this blog and laugh.

But today…I have to own who I am. Not who I want to be…because I already have everything inside of me that I need to be who I desire to be.

I am that woman already. I just have to step into her. She is me and I am her.

So…now…I just need to find a makeup artist to teach me how to do the things I never really learned.

And a personal stylist who will get me permanently banned from Old Navy 😭😭 and teach me how to shop in nice stores without sweating.

I have to own who I am.

On tonight’s podcast, my guest talked about how acting kept bumping into her when she was running away.

What keeps bumping into me while I try hiding in a dental office is that I am an influencer of influencers. And to do that, I need to not only change my mindset…but I need to change the way I see myself and present myself.

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