You are a diamond

What comes to your mind when you think of the word “diamond?”

Engagement? Marriage? Beauty? Shiny object? Opulence?

diamond ring

Pockets of diamonds in the earth’s mantle are rare. It takes a specific set of circumstances for them to form. A diamond is formed 90 miles below the earth’s surface at a temperature of 2000 F.

Once extracted from the ground, the diamond is then forcibly separated into smaller pieces either through cleaving (separated at a weak point) or by being sawed apart. Then, two diamonds are put on axles, spun in opposite directions so that they can form one another into the round shape we think of as diamonds. After that, facets are cut into the diamonds and they are polished to give them that sparkle for which they are known.

This week, I felt like I was a diamond that had just been extracted from the earth. A limiting belief that I didn’t know I had was forcibly brought to light. Then I was cracked away from it, leaving me feeling bruised. The next thing I knew, my emotions had me spinning round and round at lightning speed, bumping up against something. By the end of the week, I felt like I was being cut repeatedly. Today…as the polishing is being done, I’m starting to see my sparkle again.

There are things in our lives that have to be exposed to us for healing and growth. Sometimes they bubble up and sometimes they explode due to circumstances that are completely out of our control. Either way, it is your responsibility to yourself, to your future self, to act.

Those who take action are diamonds. Why? Looking hurts in the face is DIFFICULT. In our world, it is so much easier and acceptable to blame others for our pain instead of owning it and growing through it.

I didn’t choose the circumstances that led to my week of self-discovery. Honestly, I chose anger and self-righteousness. I was angry because I felt wronged. God, in His awesomeness, woke my resistant butt up at 0430 and started showing me things that I had been ignoring for my whole life.

What I saw jarred me to the core. Things that I had believed for decades as truth were an illusion. I looked the wounded little girl inside of me in the eye. I saw her pain. I saw her isolation. I saw how much she needed to be acknowledged, loved and nurtured instead of beaten back into the corner in which I had her hidden.

The false beliefs that I held for so long adversely affected so many relationships in my life, particularly in my relationship with God. The false belief isolated me…from myself.

I had a choice. I could be really angry with myself. I chose, though, to love myself and allow myself to heal. What pissed me off last week causes me to be thankful today. You see…we don’t always want to look at our shit. Sometimes it takes a limiting belief being thrust into your face for you to acknowledge it.

Today, as you are going through your life, take some time to examine the ugly parts of you that you keep hidden…the anger, the fear. Don’t do it in judgment…do it out of love for yourself, out of a desire to know yourself better. You may find a part of you that needs to be brought to the light, hugged, thanked and appreciated.



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