What’s worth the risk? 

So, yesterday I made a huge stride forward. I opened my business account. I got an email address that isn’t a gmail address. I set up merchant accounts so that, very soon, I can start pre-selling my course in BETA form. 

Then…fear crept in. Doubt crept in. Stealthy bastards, the two of ’em. 

You see, I have spent most of my life living the life that was expected of me. Went to church. Went to college. Went to work day after day. Then one day, I literally couldn’t do it for one more minute. 

I decided that I had to give being an entrepreneur a go. I have words, stories, stuff inside of me that needs to get out into the world. 

So…I quit my job. For the last month and a half, I’ve been learning, processing, and building something that is going to help people. 

And you know what? If it never takes off…and I have to try something else…at least I had the guts to try. 

What is something that you need to do, to try, even if you fail? 

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