Today I discovered that I am settling into the rhythm of my life as it is right now.  I am getting into the routine…and kind of liking it.  When I lived in Boston, I loved my time on the train.  I kind of got to know the conductors and just enjoyed the process.  Except that time when there was a mysterious container of a mysterious substance on the train tracks and I couldn’t get to work.  But that was only one day.

Sometimes you have to do more than accept your current circumstances.  Sometimes you have to actually embrace where you are.  For a personality like mine–yeah–that isn’t easy.  I want to find a way to get around things, to climb the mountain faster, more efficiently.  I am learning to enjoy the climb.  Sorry if you don’t care for Miley Cyrus…but this song is one I need to hear right now 🙂

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