Sowing and watering

So….one of the benefits of this new season in my life is that I have a LOT of time to listen to podcasts.  I didn’t realize how much my spirit was longing for words in due season.

If you get a chance, check out Mark Batterson’s podcast “The Battle of Jericho” from April 25, 2010.  It will alter the way that you perceive vision and how to pray for those things that God has promised you.

You should also check out Andy Stanley’s leadership podcast from April 2, 2010 called “Mutual Submission.”  It will change your leadership style…and the way you “do” leadership.

I thought as I entered this season that I would be getting a lot more exercise.  What I wasn’t expecting is that, while my heart is pumping, my faith is getting exercised as well.

In a few months, my life is going to change drastically.  However, for that to happen, I have to be faithful right now. I have to learn the lessons that God is teaching me.  I have to appreciate what is going on right now and not long for the future…because God is present in the here and now.

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