Update :)

Here’s what I’m excited about right now.

  • Mom is finished chemo.  Hallelujah. She will start radiation soon. Once that is done, she’ll be well on her road to recovery. And we’ll all be able to breathe more easily.
  • There is a group planting a church in PHILADELPHIA!!!!!  Check out their website at http://www.phillyproject.com. This could not come at a better time for me.  I’ve been getting the itch to get myself planted in a church again…
  • I went to one of the funnest weddings I’ve attended in a long time this past weekend.  Don’t tell anyone–but I even danced (said in a hushed tone…lol)
  • The Phillies are 7-2 right now.  I know, I know…we’re only 9 games in…but heck, I live in Philadelphia.  I have to celebrate when I can 🙂 You never know when your team is going to tank…lol
  • I’m really learning who my true friends are.  It’s amazing who is standing there when you’re at your lowest, not judging you, but grabbing for your hand to help you up…or to remind you to tuck and roll.
  • I’m also learning how amazing my family is.  My mom, dad and sister continue to amaze me with their unconditional love.  I’m also getting to know all of my cousins through facebook…that is something that I am enjoying more than anything.
  • God is faithful. Even when I’m not.

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