It frightens me how complacent I have become.  I am sitting in a warm apartment, typing away on a very nice computer.  I have running water in three faucets in my home.  I have a full stomach.  Tomorrow I will wake up and go to a job that pays me well by driving my car.  On paper, I have the right to practice any religion, to speak my mind, to bear arms with no backlash from my government.

Yet, I find myself worrying about money, food, bottles of water, how long I wait in line for Starbucks.

Tonight I talked with a woman on facebook from Bangledesh.  That is a very poor country.  People are killed for not being Muslims. People are killed for being Christian.  This woman and her family work with Campus Crusade for Christ.  They are bringing the message of Jesus to students.  In a country where the penalty for doing that can be D-E-A-T-H.

Yet I am worrying about how to pay my bills this month.  Really?

I know that God has called me to be a world-changer.  Lately I’ve been feeling like my hands are tied.  The desire to travel the world being used by God to heal the hurting, to bring light to the dark places literally keeps me awake at night.  I want to be the person doing the going.  That is pride.  Pride comes before the fall.

What struck me tonight as I was chatting with my new friend is that, though I can’t go at the moment, I can still be a catalyst for others.  I may not be able to fund a ministry, but I can let others know…perhaps others who can give.

That being said, I ask you to check out the following website…read to see what God is doing in Bangledesh.  Pray for this family.  If you are led to do more than pray, do it.

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